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Ek Mukhi Rudraksha with Gold Pendent & Red Thread

One Faced Rudraksha of Premium Quality

One Faced Rudraksha of Premium Quality (Description) - One Mukhi Rudraksha is like Lord Shiva himself.  . A round one mukhi rudraksha is extremely rare and therefore the  " One Mukhi Rudraksha " is normally referred as a Kaju Shaped one also known as " Half Moon Shaped One Mukhi Rudraksha " and " Chandrakar Ek mukhi rudraksha ". Blessings of Goddess Malalaxmi shower on the house where a One Mukhi Rudraksha is worshipped. This rudraksha fulfills all desires and brings Prosperity, Luck, Fortune, Worldly pleasures as well as Salvation to its wearer. Lord Shiva himself is pleased with the wearer of this Rudraksha and any obstacles in his path are removed thereby enabling him to lead a Rich and Powerful Life.

Powers of One Mukhi Rudraksha - A person wearing this rudraksha becomes Fearless and no amount of negative powers or enemity can affect him. The power of concentration increases, all his sins are destroyed and a feeling of contentment and happiness comes along with Spirituality. The wearer of this rudraksha begins to feel a detachment from worldy affairs and his inclination towards the supreme power i.e. God increases. This is the only rudraksha that provides Health, Wealth and Happiness in true sense as it also enhances the Spiritual Growth of the wearer.

Who should wear this Rudraksha - This rudraksha is a blessing for all adults and everyone should try to wear or keep this rudraksha in the Puja. It is very helpful for those who want to meditate or those who need higher level of concentration like Doctors, Engineers, Businessman and Leaders. Also all those people who want to protect themselves from the emotional trauma caused by the daily ups and downs of life should definitely wear this Rudraksha.

Way of wearing -  One Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn around the neck or alternately it can be kept in the place of worship after performing the " Pran Pratishtha Puja " before wearing it for the first time.
This Rudraksha bead is bind in silver with Gold polish and can be worn in red thread, silver or gold chain.

Picture of Ek Mukhi
Ek Mukhi
Ek Mukhi
SKU: SKU-331
Old price: ₹ 4,427.50 (IND)
Price: 2,364.45 (IND)
Picture of Ek Mukhi Rudraksha With Gold Pendent & Red Thread
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha With Gold Pendent & Red Thread
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha With Gold Pendent & Red Thread
Old price: ₹ 10,945.00 (IND)
Price: 7,975.00 (IND)
Picture of One Faced Rudraksha of Premium Quality in Silver Pendant Form
One Faced Rudraksha of Premium Quality in Silver Pendant Form
One Faced Rudraksha of Premium Quality in Silver Pendant Form
SKU: SKU-215
Old price: ₹ 5,082.00 (IND)
Price: 4,620.00 (IND)
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